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How “AMAL TOTKAY” Helped Me In Changing My Mind-Set

The 5 TOTKAY of AMAL no doubt holds great importance when it comes to a 360° shift in mind-set. These have sparked self-motivation in me and brought me out of the self-degradation phase.

The primary takeaway is “Believing Yourself and Your Capabilities”.

Referring to my Favorite Tip; “SELF TALK” is what I found most interesting. This is the first and foremost step. I have been and still, sometimes I found myself diving into the self-degradation phase. But going through these TOTKAYS particularly the former mentioned-favorite, I can confidently feel the NEW-ME.

“I CAN DO THIS” in the capital is what I have started implementing already.

Want to develop a Growth Mindset? Start implementing the 5 AMAL TOTKAYS with no IFs and BUTs. Give yourself a light push, do it for YOU.